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Push Congress To Pass H.R.8026 so FICO Scores Could Increase For Millions!!

October 11, 2011 at 3:12 pm By

Write your Congressman/Congresswoman and push them to pass H.R. Bill 8026 known as “The Medical Debt Responsibility Act (2011”. Below is a Summary of what the Bill means, straight from Congress.
Basically, any medical bill less than $2500 which is satisfied or paid CANNOT BE REPORTED ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT! Could you imagine what this would do to the FICO scores of millions of people? With FHA financing now available for scores as low as 530 to 560, could you imagine how many folks would become eligible for buying a home?
This Bill potentially has a sensational effect on homebuying if we can get it to Pass.
HR Bill 8026 Medical Debt Responsibility Act 2011

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