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Essential Rules of FHA Streamlines

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FHA Mortgages offered through HUD are Government insured against default and therefore, because of the government cushion given to Lenders who make FHA loans, very attractive interest rates are available. Furthermore, just like for Veterans (VA Loans), FHA carries a special feature that’s not available for Borrowers who have loans backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (Conventional). This special…… Read More »


What Are Compensating Factors for FHA mortgages ?

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Often an FHA loan application hang in the balance because the Borrower has marginal credit or income history. Often the debt to income ratio is out of line and an FHA Underwriter may be forced to look for other factors in approving the loan. This is when compensating factors become critical and can tip the loan in the applicant’s favor……. Read More »


A little known tip re: dealing with Spouse's debts on a VA Loan

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Basic Facts First: On a VA home loan, the Veteran’s spouse’s debt obligations have to be counted against him/her when qualifying even if the Spouse will not be a borrower on the VA loan (i.e. “non purchasing spouse”). Underwriters therefore add up all the monthly debts belonging exclusively to the spouse and count them against the Veteran (Borrower). And since…… Read More »