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What? Can I Have Many FHA Loans At The Same Time?

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Homebuyers and Real Estate Agents often don’t realize that FHA allows a Borrower to co-sign as the **Non Occupant** Co-Borrower on an unlimited number of FHA loans. Really? Yes Really. Even though, unless there are special circumstances,  (like a forced job relocation or sudden and dramatic increase in family size) a homebuyer can really only have one FHA loan at…… Read More »


When going FHA, do Co-Signors take title to the home?

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A client called today, anxious since he had read online that cosignors don’t take title to the home they are helping the Buyer/borrower purchase. Technically this is accurate, but not the entire story. Over the years FHA has made a distinction between non occupant CO-BORROWERS and non-occupant COSIGNORS. In fact my research shows that the only FHA programs that allow…… Read More »