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Can Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Move You Closer To Homeownership? What?

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it’s a little known fact amongst Homebuyers, Renters, Realtors and even Loan Officers that both FHA and VA allow a Borrower to purchase a home after they’ve made 12 timely payments on a Chapter 13 BK. Wait! What? Yes you read that right. Why is this important? It’s important because while grappling with many unpaid collections, charge off’s and judgements,…… Read More »


Amazing Fact About VA Loans You May Not Know !


Did you know that whereas FHA loans limit Seller contributions for Closing costs to 6% of the purchase price, with a VA Loan, the Seller can make not only 4% concessions towards Closing Costs but another 4% towards Veterans’ other costs including paying off consumer debt to allow the Veteran to qualify ? !


A little known tip re: dealing with Spouse's debts on a VA Loan

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Basic Facts First: On a VA home loan, the Veteran’s spouse’s debt obligations have to be counted against him/her when qualifying even if the Spouse will not be a borrower on the VA loan (i.e. “non purchasing spouse”). Underwriters therefore add up all the monthly debts belonging exclusively to the spouse and count them against the Veteran (Borrower). And since…… Read More »