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Amazing Fact About VA Loans You May Not Know !


Did you know that whereas FHA loans limit Seller contributions for Closing costs to 6% of the purchase price, with a VA Loan, the Seller can make not only 4% concessions towards Closing Costs but another 4% towards Veterans’ other costs including paying off consumer debt to allow the Veteran to qualify ? !


VA Mortgage Guidelines For Veteran Buyers being Deployed

       VA Loans

Many Veterans and their families ask this question: Can the Veteran (homebuyer) who knows he/she is about to be deployed, purchase a home using a VA loan with the intention of occupying the property? Yes and No! Yes in that the Veteran can actually sign the initial Loan application and then ‘take off’ (be deployed), leaving a specific Power of…… Read More »


Can a Military Homebuyer Stationed In One City Buy In Another?

       USDA Guidelines & Rules / USDA Zero Down Loans

Today I had to confirm with my USDA Underwriter that a Veteran based out in Kansas could purchase an *OWNER OCCUPIED* home here in California using the USDA Zero Down loan. And as I indicated, the answer was yes. USDA doesn’t disallow Veterans stationed in other States from purchasing where their family is. Of course I had to furnish my…… Read More »